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IQ Test vrozené inteligence - Logické online hry

IQ Test vr...

Jaké máte IQ? Myslíte si, že velké nebo naopak si myslíte, že mal...

Detail online hry - IQ Test vrozené inteligence - Logické online hryDetail online hry Hrát online hru - IQ Test vrozené inteligence - Logické online hryHrát online hru
Party Down - Oddechové online hry

Party Down

Budou vás navštěvovat různí lidé a vy je musíte obsloužit tak, ab...

Detail online hry - Party Down - Oddechové online hryDetail online hry Hrát online hru - Party Down - Oddechové online hryHrát online hru

Jak dlouho už tu fungujete?

Fórum maxo.cz - hry online > Volná diskuse > Jak dlouho už tu fungujete?

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14.07.2012 02:53 - Jak dlouho už tu fungujete?

Jak dlouho už jste tu zaregistrovaní a jak často sem chodíte? Já jsem tu teďka nová a zajímalo by mě, kolik je tu mezi váma vytrvalců. :)

25.07.2012 13:20 - Re: Jak dlouho už tu fungujete?

!!! já tady jsem rok !!! a mám jenom něco přes 170 bodů bude to trvat ještě nejméně 50 let než si něco budu moc obědnat :-D jinak občas tady trávím hodinu nebo nikdy 4.minuty

24.11.2019 16:28 - Re: Jak dlouho už tu fungujete?

All romances proceed through highs and lows and they all acquireresponsibility and operate, plus a determination to evolve and change together with your companion. But whether your relationship is in the beginning stages or you’ve been together for many years, you will find actions you can take to build a proper partnership. Regardless of whether you’ve experienced plenty of was unsuccessful interactions previously or fought before to rekindle the fires of romantic endeavors within your present romantic relationship, you can study to keep linked, locate gratification, and revel in long lasting contentment.

Provided you can figure out how to pay attention in a way that helps make another individual truly feel respected and understood, it is possible to make a further, much stronger link between you, be a great listener While quite a lot of main focus within our modern society is put on chatting. There’s a significant difference between paying attention in this way and merely hearing. Once you really listen—when you’re interested with what’s becoming said—you’ll hear the subtle intonations within your partner’s sound that informs you how they’re really experiencing and also the emotions they’re looking to interact. As being a good listener doesn’t mean you must agree with your lover or change your brain. But it can help you see popular perspectives that can help you to take care of conflict.
Carmela Diamond
Check if you folks can be a correct go with. To discover how excellent of any match up 2 people are is just not an easy step. The truth is, normally, this is what very good individuals recognize after the connection was unsuccessful. They shattered up since they are not an effective go with. This is where those paying and interactions occasions chilling out and learning someone’s individuality prove useful.

Pay attention more frequently. Questioning how to be a greater listener? The main suggestion is to listen more often. Maybe you are usually the one often performing the conversing that your particular forget about how you can listen. It never is painful to lower one’s pride and lengthen one’s patience for long enough to just pay attention to what your companion needs to say. Once you coach yourself to listen closely on a regular basis, it can can come naturally while you are conversing along with your man or girlfriend.
Mandy Blake!


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